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School history

Belmore South Public School has a rich history, dating back to the 1800s.

In 1851, Wesleyan Chapel, later known as Moorfields Methodist Church, was opened at what is now 100 Moorefields Road in Kingsgrove. It was a small brick building with a shingled roof built by the local people on land donated by John Chard in the centre of a small farming settlement, known as Moorfields.

In 1862, the Moorfields Public School, predecessor of Belmore South Public School, began at the church (the old church building was demolished in 1967 as it was considered to be beyond repair). Sophie Elizabeth Ridgewell, 1843-1869, was the first government teacher in the district appointed to Moorfields School.

By 1917, a new school building had been constructed on the south side of Canterbury Road opposite Burwood Road, Belmore. The change of location brought a change in name to Belmore South Public School. The original building had a western wing added in 1920 and an eastern wing in 1924. The infants building was built in 1928. Recorded costs for the site were 1,500 pounds, and for the building were 22,770 pounds.

Opening day at the newly renamed Belmore South Public School was on the 22 January 1917. There were 241 boys and 203 girls. The first pupil enrolled was May Isobel Bowser at 12 years 8 months. The first Headmaster was Mr Joseph Warrs. The Infants Department was formed in 1917 under Miss A St Smith, and the Girls Department was formed in 1925 under Mrs M Keller.

150 great years 

In 2012, Belmore South Public School celebrated our 150th birthday with a fantastic party. At our Spring Fair, the local community, current and past students, and current and past staff members joined together for performances, tours, special guests, food, drinks and much more. Thank you to all those who were able to make this such a special occasion.


As part of the lead up to our 150th birthday, the 2012 Film Club conducted a series of interviews with former staff, students and community members of the Belmore South Public School community.

Student interviewers prepared a series of questions, while also encouraging their guest to share any special or entertaining memories from their time at Belmore South. Visit our school's Vimeo channel to see more.